TOYS ALLIANCE 2020年12月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series ACID RAIN WORLD FAV-A25 Revenant Laurel( 亡靈锘戎) LA6e

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain
Figures And Vehicles
FAV-A25 Revenant Laurel LA6e
Release Date:END OF December 2020
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

The Revenant Laurel LA6e is the trump card of Agurts’ 15th Stealth Team, boasting shimmering composite armor with the latest anti-detection finesse. Its T-Blade Shield not only blocks enemy shots with brute strength, but can also deal devastating blows at close range. A convenient place to store and reload ammo, the T-Blade Shield can also be converted into a temporary cover for infantry units in surprise attacks.

The prototype proved indispensable in freeing the northern supply routes from the tyranny of a Gray Zone warlord. Piercing deep into the warlord’s base, the Revenant Laurel LA6e vaporized enemy forces with lightning speed and liberated all captives with the sagely valiance of a guardian angel.

FAV-A25 亡靈锘戎 LA6e
比例:3.75吋 1/18