5PRO Studio × BLITZWAY 2020年第4季發售: 5PRO-LA-70201 1/6 Animation Statue《DRAGON BALLl (龍珠)》BULMA’s HoiPoi Capsule No.9 Bike (莊子的膠囊9號電單車) US$329

BULMA’s HoiPoi Capsule
No.9 Bike
Product No. : 5PRO-LA-70201
Product Type : 1/6 Animation Statue
Product Size : H 330mm L 370mm W 370mm
Product Weight : Approximately 2700g (including Package)
Dimension (Shipping Box) : H 390mm x L 430mm x W 430mm
Release : 4Q, 2020

A legend, a standard for all shonen manga, and a global media franchise, [Dragon Ball] (by Akira Toriyama)
At the beginning chapter of our [Dragon Ball] journey, we have decided to recreate the Hoi Poi Capsule No. 9,
the bike that Bulma and Goku used together, as a part of our [LEGEND ANIME] series.
To rearrange the scene from [Dragon Ball] in more detail, Blitzway creators needed some time to take a deep dive into their memories.

You can even sense the blazing speed of the bike from both Bulma’s facial expression, who seems relaxed while remaining in control of the bike,
and Goku’s, who seems surprised and frightened by his first experience on the bike.
The base of the figure resembles the Dragon Radar, which was used by Bulma to find the Dragon Balls, and we even added some LEDs
to the lamps of the bike and the Dragon ball points of Dragon radar.

With the sentimental memories, we wanted to show our respect with this product and pay tribute to [Dragon Ball], a legendary piece of work.

1. Figure & Vehicle : Polystone, PVC, ABS
2. Base : Polystone, PVC, ABS
3. Equipment : LED, Electrical components
4. Package : Color EPP + Color Box
5PRO-LA-70201 : BULMA’s HoiPoi capsule No.9 – DRAGON BALL
・LEGEND ANIME 1/6th Collectible Statue
・Statue Size approximately 13 inches tall [H:33cm W:37cm D:37cm]
・One (1) designed theme base from Dragon Radar shape

★ Production details might be subject to change without any prior notice.
★ Prototypes shown, final products may be slightly different.

Producer : Won Choi, Sungwoong Bae
Planner : Sungwoong Bae
Executive Director : K Kwon
Marketing : Won Choi
Senior Director : Typhoon Kim
Production Management : K Kwon
Director: Rainman
Planning Supervisor: Kon Kuk Kim
Art Supervisor: Kwangse Oh
Design & 3D works : Kwangse Oh, reFe Yoon
Diorama base : reFe Yoon, Kon Kuk Kim
Paint : Kwangse Oh
Assistant manager : Eric Lee, Xiaofu Liang, Lang Xu
Photographer : reFe Yoon
Editor of Photography : Yoon Jang, Zhou Hai
Package Design : Yoon Jang, Zhou Hai

The Blitzway Design & Development Team
Manufactured by : BLITZWAY CO., LTD.