FLAME TOYS 2020年5月發售: 模型 風雷模型系列 14 TRANSFORMERS 麥加登IDW (狂派版) US$50

[風雷模型] 麥加登IDW (狂派版)

‧[風雷模型]系列第14彈 – 麥加登 IDW (狂派版)!
‧這是現代感十足、比例優良的麥加登 IDW (狂派版)。
‧模型採用硬質ABS塑料,讓專業模型愛好者打造個人風格的麥加登 IDW (狂派版)。

[Furai Model] Megatron IDW (Decepticon ver.)

‧14th release of [FURAI MODEL] Megatron IDW (Decepticon ver.) is presented!
‧Size from bottom to top head is ~160mm.
‧This is a modernized and shape optimized IDW Megatron (Decepticon ver.).
‧Good articulation with over 40 movable joints, you are able to set any pose easily.