TOYS ALLIANCE 2020年9月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series ACID RAIN WORLD FAV-A20 Field Flea DF3f

FAV-A20 Field Flea DF3f
Release Date:END OF October 2020
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

The Field Flea DF3f is an imported NAUS ground combat drone that has been integrated into the Agurts F109 Field Artillery Team. It can efficiently navigate through various terrains in its automated escort mode, while manual mode allows for precise maneuvering in hostile areas. Agile, durable, and mounted with formidable firearms, this versatile support unit rises to the challenge in all kinds of missions.

FAV-A20 野戰蚤 DF3f
比例:3.75吋 1/18