FLAME TOYS 2020年8月發售: 模型 風雷模型系列 TRANSFORMERS 馬格斯(Ultra Magnus) (IDW ver.) US$40

[風雷模型] 馬格斯 (IDW ver.)

這是現代感十足、比例優良的馬格斯 (IDW ver.)。
模型採用硬質ABS塑料,讓專業模型愛好者打造個人風格的馬格斯 (IDW ver.)。

※本商品為模型套裝。圖片顯示上色師的塗裝完成作品範例, 實際發售商品需要自行組裝及上色。

材料:ABS, PS, PE
包裝:封窗彩盒, 310 x 190 x 80mm (未定)

[Furai Model] Ultra Magnus (IDW ver.)

‧15th release of [FURAI MODEL], Ultra Magnus (IDW ver.) is presented!

‧Size from bottom to top head is ~160mm.

‧This is a modernized and shape optimized Ultra Magnus (IDW ver.).

‧Good articulation with over 40 movable joints, you are able to set any pose easily.

‧Model kit is made of hard plastic ABS & PS, it will be good for professional model kit users to make his own coloring style Ultra Magnus (IDW ver.).

‧Joints are made of soft plastic so it will have a stable movable performance.

‧With different injection color of runner parts and simple assembly design, it will also be suitable for model kit beginners.

※This product is a plastic model kit. Images show a colouring example from professional painter. Actual product requires assembling and coloring.