HOT TOYS 2021年4月30日發售: 1/6 Action Figure《星球大戰:天行者崛起》Kylo Ren HK$1,530

【全新雕製Kylo Ren極像真頭雕與LED原力破裂頭盔 足本還原最新電影服飾造型】

Hot Toys繼發佈了《星球大戰:天行者崛起》代表著光明力量的Rey與全新兵種Sith Trooper 1:6比例珍藏人偶後,現參照此電影系列代表著黑暗力量的Kylo Ren推出 1:6比例珍藏人偶,延續《星球大戰: 最後絕地武士》與Rey的宿命對決! 是次《星球大戰:天行者崛起》Kylo Ren 1:6比例珍藏人偶的焦點將落在雙頭雕配置,分別為Kylo Ren極像真頭雕和內置LED 發光燈效的Kylo Ren面罩頭盔,全新Kylo Ren頭雕由Hot Toys 韓國團隊按照演員Adam Driver的獨特氣質如實塑造,細膩雕刻上角色的面部特徵包括: 一條橫跨整張臉的刀疤、墨痣、嶙峋的面部線條以及一把長曲黑髮;同時更會配備一顆最高領袖Kylo Ren 頭盔,此頭盔除了細緻刻劃上戰損細節外,更頭盔內置了LED呼吸模式發光燈效,紅色燈效將從戰損裂縫透現出來。此外,Hot Toys團隊準確按照角色身高比例進行製作的全新Kylo Ren 1:6比例珍藏人偶,配備了逾30個可動關節、約33cm的全新可動素體,提升了素體肌肉線條,使服飾掛於素體時更能貼服合身。而全新的服飾造型,包括:一件配有帽子的黑色仿皮披風、一件黑色風琴摺剪裁的長袖上衣、一件以車線細節拼出格仔圖案的無袖武士外袍、一條黑色長褲、一條仿皮皮帶和一對黑色仿皮長靴。隨人偶除了附上一把結合右手腕的可發光十字光劍、一把可裝在皮帶上的光劍柄、多對造型手掌及一個特別設計的人偶地台。

【Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – 1/6th scale Kylo Ren Collectible Figure】

The son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, Ben Solo was seduced by the dark side of the Force and renamed himself Kylo Ren, becoming the First Order’s champion and Supreme Leader Snoke’s student. Kylo killed his father and seeks to destroy his mother’s Resistance and the remnants of the Jedi Order. Though a servant of the dark side, he still struggles against the pull of the light side of the Force.

Hot Toys is excited to officially present the new 1/6th scale Kylo Ren collectible figure from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The highly-accurate Kylo Ren collectible figure is expertly crafted based on his appearance in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It features a battle damaged, breathing LED-lighted helmeted head, a newly developed head and hair sculpture with remarkable likeness, meticulously tailored outfit, a LED light-up lightsaber , an interchangeable lightsaber blade emulating the weapon in motion, and figure stand!

The 1/6th scale Kylo Ren Collectible Figure specially features:

– Authentic and detailed likeness of Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
– One (1) newly developed head sculpt with authentic likeness of Adam Driver as Kylo Ren
– One (1) newly crafted interchangeable battle damaged helmeted head with LED light-up function (battery operated)
– Highly-accurate facial expression, detailed scar, and skin texture
– Approximately 33 cm tall
– Body with over 30 points of articulations
– Seven (7) pieces of interchangeable gloved hands including:
– One (1) pair of fists
– One (1) pair of relaxed hands
– One (1) pair of hands for holding lightsaber
– One (1) piece of gesturing left hand
– Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

– One (1) black leather-like hooded cape with magnetic feature
– One (1) black sleeveless tunic
– One (1) black mid coat with accordion sleeves
– One (1) black belt
– One (1) pair of black pants
– One (1) pair of black boots

– One (1) LED light up Kylo Ren’s lightsaber (battery operated)
– One (1) Kylo Ren’s lightsaber hilt

– Specially designed figure stand with character’s nameplate and Star Wars logo

– Head Sculpted by GOX
– Head Painted by E-Lee & JC.Hong
– Head Art Directed by JC.Hong

Release date: Approximately Q2 – Q3, 2021

** Prototype shown is not final. Pending licensor approval
**Battery included for collectible figure, button cells are required.
**Product details could be subjected to change without further notice

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