threezero 2020年8月發售: ROBO道系列1/35《機動警察》英格倫1號機 HK$999/USD129


Mobile Police Patlabor ROBO-DOU Ingram Unit 1
From the classic anime franchise “Mobile Police Patlabor,” Ingram Unit 1 will be available for pre-order at on November 11th, 9am HKT, as our first release of ROBO-DOU line! The Ingram Unit 1 collectible is a 1/35th scale (approximately 23cm tall) articulated figure with a remarkable zinc alloy die-cast main frame, providing nearly 50 points of articulation. The figure is constructed of ABS, PVC and POM, with fabric detail covering the elbows, knees, wrist and hips to complete the Ingram silhouette. Threezero’s notable weathering effects are added on the each of the fabric pieces to create an enhanced authenticity.

The ROBO-DOU Ingram Unit 1 collectible figure includes many interactive features to increase playability. The covers of emergency police lights on both sides of the collar and right calf’s side cover can be opened, and the hand revolver cannon can be stored inside the right calf. The right hand’s wrist can be extended to reach for the stored revolver cannon. The cockpit covers can be opened to reveal the cockpit inside, where pilot figure (Noa Izumi) can be seated, the cockpit seat can be elevated to have the pilot’s head to appear at the neck of Ingram, and the windshield can be opened up at the neck. Dual color red/yellow LED light-up features with alternate flashing effects are installed in the emergency police lights on both shoulders (requires AG1 battery x 4pcs / batteries not included).

Equipment includes a hand revolver cannon, stun stick in extended form, stun stick in retracted form, a riot gun, and a shield for left forearm (stun stick in retracted form can be stored inside). The Ingram also comes with interchangeable parts including a face piece with the faceguard up, a variety of hands in different poses, and a ROBO-DOU action stand.

Mobile Police Patlabor
ROBO-DOU Ingram Unit 1

Product Specifications:
– 1/35th scale, approximately 23cm tall articulated figure
– Materials used: ABS, PVC, POM, ZINC ALLOY (Joint covers uses fabric)
– Nearly 50 points of articulation
– LED light up features with flashing effects at the emergency police lights on both shoulders (requires AG1 battery x 4pcs / batteries not included)
– Covers of emergency police lights on both sides of the collar can be opened
– Right calf’s side cover can be opened (hand revolver cannon can be stored inside)
– Right wrist extension function
– Cockpit covers can be opened
– Cockpit seat can be elevated
– Windshield can be opened at the neck
– Accessories:
* Hand revolver cannon
* Stun stick (extended)
* Stun stick (retracted)
* Riot gun
* Shield for left forearm (retracted stun stick can be stored inside)
* Interchangeable face piece where the face guard is up
* Interchangeable hand pieces (relaxed hands x 1 pair, opened hands x 1 pair, fists x 1 pair, right hand for holding hand revolver cannon, right hand for holding stun stick, right hand for holding riot gun)
* Pilot figure (Noa Izumi)
* ROBO-DOU action stand
※ In development, not final. Final product may vary from prototype images.
129USD / 999HKD / 918RMB with worldwide shipping included in the price.


《機動警察》ROBO道英格倫 1號機
經典動漫系列《機動警察》英格倫 1 號機將於香港時間11月11日上午9點在 進行預購!

Threezero 1/35比例英格倫 1 號機可動素體身高約23厘米,重量感十足的鋅合金壓鑄主體框架,擁有近50個可動關節。主要素材為ABS,PVC和POM,Threezero特別以舊化效果像真的織物外套包裹肘部,膝蓋,腕部和臀部關節,完美還原英格倫 1 號機的英姿。

除外觀優點外,ROBO道英格倫 1 號機亦內藏多個精密的機關設計,大大增加其可玩性!衣領兩側緊急警燈的蓋子和右小腿的側蓋都可獨立開啟,左輪手槍加農炮可以收納於右小腿內部。右手腕伸展功能可以延伸提取已收納的左輪手槍加農炮。駕駛艙蓋可以打開展示精密的駕駛艙內部,駕駛員(泉 野明)人偶可坐上駕駛艙座椅。駕駛艙座椅可以升高使駕駛員的頭部出現在英格倫的頸部,並且可以打開頸部的擋風玻璃。兩側肩膀上的緊急警燈都安裝了具有交替閃爍效果的雙色(紅色/黃色)LED點亮功能(需要AG1電池x 4個/不包括電池)。


《機動警察》ROBO道英格倫 1號機產品規格:
– 1/35比例,約23厘米高的可動素體;
– 主要素材:ABS,PVC,POM,ZINC合金(織物關節外套);
– 近50個可動關節;
– LED肩部緊急警燈雙色(紅色/黃色)閃爍效果功能(需要AG1電池x 4個/不包括電池);
– 可獨立開啟的衣領兩側緊急警燈蓋;
– 可獨立開啟的右小腿側蓋,左輪手槍加農炮可以存放在內部;
– 右手腕伸展功能;
– 可以打開的座艙蓋;
– 可以升高的座駕駛艙座椅;
– 可打開的頸部擋風玻璃;
– 附件:
* 左輪手槍加農炮;
* 電擊棒(延伸狀態);
* 電擊棒(收納狀態) ;
* 防暴槍;
* 左前臂的防護盾(可將收縮的電擊棒存放在裡面);
* 可互換頭部面罩;
* 可互換的手型:放鬆手型x1對,拳頭x1對,握住左輪手槍加農炮的右手,握住電擊棒的右手,握住防暴槍的右手);
* 駕駛員(泉 野明)人偶;
* ROBO道專用動作支架;
129USD / 999HKD / 918RMB,已包含全球郵遞費用。


ロボ道 イングラム1号機

threezeroの「ロボ道」シリーズ第一弾として、長年人気を誇っているアニメシリーズ『機動警察パトレイバー』よりイングラム1号機が日本時間2019年11月11日午前10時からthreezero公式サイトにて予約販売開始! 価格は129USD(threezero公式ストアでの価格には、全世界対応の送料を含みます)。