STORM COLLECTIBLES 2020年1月發售: 1/12 Action Figure《The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match》八神庵 US$85


“Think of me when you gaze the moon.” – Iori

IORI YAGAMI is the central recurring character and the initial enemy and eventual rival of Kyo Kusanagi in the early King of Fighters series. Iori has a violent, intense and wild personality, his moves are unique, and his singular choice of hairstyle, wardrobe, and manner of speaking was certainly a personality that broke the mold for characters in all fighting games. Iori’s official nickname is Flame of the End.

Collect all four of the KOF ’98 UM characters : Omega Rugal / Kyo / Terry / Iori

Each character will includes 1/4 part of the Gravity Smash effect . Collect all four and you can create the Omega Rugal’s Gravity Smash effect.


4 x Interchangeable head sculpts
5 x Interchangeable hands
108 Shiki Yami Barai Effect
100 Shiki Oni Yaki
Flame Effect
1/4 part of Omega Rugal Gravity Smash Effect

Release date: Q4 2019