[PREVIEW & 官方設定線稿公開!] B2FIVE《裝甲騎兵VOTOMS》 Armored Trooper (AT) SCOPEDOG

《裝甲騎兵VOTOMS》全面進駐《B2FIVE》系列!於1983年首播的經典軍事科幻代表作 《裝甲騎兵VOTOMS》當中登場的主要武裝 Armored Trooper (AT) SCOPEDOG(型號ATM-09-ST),以《B2FIVE》的風格重現! 產品全高約140mm,與《酸雨戰爭ACID RAIN》產品系列一同把玩、自組最強機甲,潛藏著極大的可玩性,留待玩家逐一探索!

had joined the series!
The classic sci-fi military animation was aired in 1983, the main mecha Armored Trooper (AT) SCOPEDOG(model: ATM-09-ST)is now available in B2Five style. The product is 140mm tall and being available to interact and interchange with existing products. Collect them all to customize and build your most powerful mecha!

The newly designed window box is different from the previous products. It allows customers to learn about the finishing of the actual product.


Every single part is well packed. Instruction sheet and printouts are included.


BV-W1 01 included: Scopedog ATM-09-S,Gat -22 Heavy machine gun,Chirico Cuvie,M571 Armor Magnum


BV-W1 02 included: Brutishdog ATM-09-GC,PRSP Pack,Fyana,Pilot Helmet


BV-W1 03 included: Round mover,SAT-03 Solid Shooter,Gilgamesh at pilot,Gilgamesh soldier,mini-figure accessories X8


BV-W1 04 included: Red shoulder custom parts,Vanilla,Security soldier,mini-figure accessories X7


series accessories container: Customer can store and manage their mini-figure accessories with it.


保留一貫《B2FIVE》 產品系列所選用的混色成形表面效果以特別成型色處理舊化效果,代替傳統的噴塗方式,増強耐玩度。

Instead of using traditional painting method, color-mixing injection method is used in series to emulate the weathering effect to enhance the durability.


致力忠於原著設定,讓玩家重現動畫中的各種經典場面 。

Full articulation of the mecha allows player to set different classic poses in the animation.


The triple camera lens is rotatable and slide-able.


除了可以重現裝甲騎兵特徵之一的「降著模式」, 眼罩及倉門亦可掀起
It can switch to landing mode without changing parts. The cockpit and helmet can also be opened.


Close up of the cockpit.


招牌近攻方式Arm punch
The Arm punch feature is also available.


配合滑輪衝刺移動必備的Turn Pick
The feet also feature ‘turn picks’ for emergency braking.


Brutishdog 獨有配置: 後腳跟滑輪、可裝拆彈匣發以及右臂的Heavy Gatling gun 和 Iron Claw
Unique parts of Brutishdog: the heel’s wheel, backpack, and the Heavy Gatling gun and Iron Claw on the right arm. The ammo on the right arm is detachable and can be stored in the backpack.



兵士人偶由《B2FIVE》專屬2.5吋高可動素體規格製作,包括男主角Chirico Cuvie、女主角Fyana、戰友Vanilla、AT 駕駛員及一眾士兵。
All the characters are designed with highly articulated 2.5 inch mini-figure standard, including Chirico Cuvie, Fyana, Vanilla.


豐富的人偶專屬配件及武器 ,貫徹忠於原設原則,務求玩家能實現各式各樣的戰鬥情境。

All the accessories for mini figures are detailly sculptured based on the setting and artwork from animation.