KIDS LOGIC 2019年10月1日發售: Miniature Model Series Macross MT01 1/285 Valkyrie VF1J (Hikaru Ver) Battloid Mode,MT-02 Fighter Mode, MT03 Guardian Mode @US$10.00

Kids Logic is proud to announce our new product line, MiniTech 微型技 (stands for Miniature Technique), a miniature model series for tabletop games. Each miniature stands approximately 4-7 cm tall, capturing the favourite characters and mecha from anime. All miniatures are featured in detail sculptures and come with dynamic posture. We have prepared over 50 miniatures to be manufactured in 2019-2020. They will be scheduled to release every month starting from Oct 2019. Our miniatures fit into the scale of many tabletop games. MiniTech is not only a collectible toys series, but it is also a gaming tool for entertainment with friends. Players can apply our miniatures components to the game rules purchased from market. In the mean time, we are currently developing our own game rule based on different property licenses such as Robotech Macross, Dragon Ball Z and so on.