Hasbro x ThreeA 2020年第1季派貨: 14″ Action Figure Transformers Bumblebee – Bumblebee Premium Scale US$448 / HKD $3,490

Transformers Bumblebee – Bumblebee Premium Scale

Hasbro and 3A are proud to present the highly anticipated Premium Scale Bumblebee from the critically acclaimed Transformers Bumblebee film now available on Blu-Ray and Digital!

Premium Scale figures are 3A’s top of the line large format collectibles featuring ultra-detailed sculpts, extraordinary amounts of articulation for maximum poseability, LED illuminated details, die-cast metal parts, and expert paint weathering!

Standing 14inches tall, the Premium Scale Bumblebee features 90 points of articulation including articulated fingers, LED illuminated eyes capable of switching between Bumblebee’s standard Blue and the shocking Retaliation Mode Red, as well as interchangeable Back Wings! Bumblebee comes equipped with interchangeable LED illuminated Stinger Blaster and his wicked Stinger Sword as seen in the film! Premium Scale Bumblebee has upped the ante and also features a Die-cast Metal Frame adding an incredible weight and finish to the already impressive visual presence the figure emanates!

變形金剛外傳《大黃蜂》- 大黃蜂極致比例

HASBRO X 3A呈獻:極致比例收藏級系列 變形金剛外傳《大黃蜂》— 大黃蜂


極致比例收藏級系列大黃蜂全高約14英寸,全身超過90個可動關節(包括全可動手指),帶有眼部LED亮燈功能,可於大黃蜂的正常模式(藍色)及報復模式(紅色)之間隨意切換,並附上可互換的張開式及折疊式後翼。豐富配件包括:可互換具備LED亮燈功能的Stinger Blaster以及Stinger Sword。此外極致比例收藏級系列將進一步提升質量,首次加入份量十足的壓鑄金屬框架結構,完美還原電影中的大黃蜂造型並將機械質感及重量大大提升!

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