FLAME TOYS 2019年8月發售: 鉄機巧.03 變形金剛(TRANSFORMERS) 史達(Star Saber) US$400 (D4TOYS.COM及千值殿預訂優惠價: US$382 及附送獨家特別配件「LED燈藍色頭, 步槍」)

鉄機巧.03 變形金剛(TRANSFORMERS) 史達(Star Saber)

■ 博派主力部隊Brainmaster的成員,總指揮官「史達」於Flame Toys「鐵機巧」系列登場!
■ 這位宇宙最強的劍俠,會有2把劍、1把大劍和1個盾作為主武器。
■ 附屬史達版和面罩解除版2個可替換頭。史達版可替換頭帶有LED發光功能。
■ 6組LED燈巧妙地融入約21cm高的機體內。

官方定價:USD $400.00
D4TOYS.COM只接受運送到:香港, 澳門, 中國, 台灣, 韓國, 東南亞國家, 歐洲, 美國及加拿大
尺寸:21cm材料:ABS, PVC, PA, POM, 合金包裝:260W x 350H x 100D mm
D4TOYS.COM網店僅有附屬件:附LED燈藍色頭, 步槍 (於D4toys.com、千值殿和Flame Toys活動預訂及購買均附送特典配件) 專享優惠價:USD $382.00

[KURO KARA KURI]#03 Star Saber

■ A member of Autobot Brainmaster, the Supreme Commander of the Autobots, “Star Saber” is presented in Flame Toys [KURO KARA KURI] series!
■ As the greatest swordsman in the universe, this time he will come with 2 small swords, a big sword and a shield as the new weapon parts.
■ 2 Interchangeable heads, Star Saber version and Mask off version, are available! Star Saber version head is installed with LED.

Official Retail Price:USD $400.00Our
Release Date:May, 2019
D4TOYS.COM Only Ships to:Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Korea, South East Asia, Europe, US and Canada
Size:21cmMaterials:ABS, PVC, PA, POM, Diecast
Packing:260W x 350H x 100D mme
D4TOYS.COM Shop Only Accessories:Blue head with LED, Rifle (special bonus parts for pre-order or purchase at D4toys.com, Sen-ti-den or Flame Toys events) & Special Price:USD $382.00

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