Kids Logic 2014年10月發售: TRANSFORMERS(變形金剛) Mecha Nations MN03 Megatron

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Mecha Nations MN03, Megatron


Manufacturer: Kids Logic Co Ltd
Licensed by: Hasbro Intl Inc

Estimate Release Date: 10/2014

Sculptor: Steven Lee
Supervisor: Xan


– Material: ABS/PVC
– Height: 18 cm
– Coated with metal finishing
– LED lights up eyes, Deceptacon shield
– Megatron’s signature weapon, Fusion Cannon, spins and light up feature.
– Fully posable
– Detail sculpture

Special accessories:

– Number of hands: 6
– Number of facial expression: 2
– Fusion Cannon
– Energon Mace
– Metal finishing stand base with Deceptacon shield logo