GOODSMILE 2018年10月販售: 《Piapro Characters》Piyokuru 變形轉蛋 初音未來01 各450YEN 連稅

Piyokuru 變形轉蛋 初音未來01

初音未來們變身成Piyokuru 變形轉蛋!

初音未來們以“Piyokuru 變形轉蛋”的造型登場!款式有「初音未來」、「鏡音鈴」、「鏡音連」、「巡音流歌」、「MEIKO」、「KAITO」共6種。“Piyokuru”是款內藏彈簧設計,手指一按就能從蛋型變成人型的新感覺扭蛋。會讓人忍不住上癮的遊玩設計,不只是款紓壓玩具,內附鍊子還能掛在包包上隨身帶著走,作為房間的擺飾也相當適合。請務必拿在手中把玩!


Piyokuru: Hatsune Miku 01

Miku and friends are joining the Piyokuru series!

Hatsune Miku and other Piapro Characters are joining the Piyokuru series of collectible figures! The set includes six different characters including Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, MEIKO and KAITO! The egg-shaped mascots are designed to open up using a mechanism which requires just one quick touch in order to open up and reveal the character inside!

The cute little toys can be displayed beside you and opened and closed for fun, and each also comes with a ball-chain which allows it to be attached to various items allowing you to bring your favorite character with you wherever you like! Be sure to collect them all!