threezero 1/6 Action Figure 《Breaking Bad》Saul Goodman USD$68 / HKD$1310

Breaking Bad – 1/6 Saul Goodman

1/6th scale Breaking Bad Saul Goodman collectible figure will be available for pre-order for a limited time at, beginning December 21st 09:00AM HKT. Priced at 168USD / 1310HKD with worldwide shipping included in the price, the Saul Goodman figure stands approximately 12″ (30.5cm) tall, features an authentic likeness to the character portrayed in the critically acclaimed ‘Breaking Bad’ television series drama, and includes a finely tailored suit and some of Saul Goodman’s most essential accessories.

The estimate shipping date: 2nd quarter 2018

經典美劇【絕命毒師】中的流氓律師索爾·古德曼(Saul Goodman)

經典美劇【絕命毒師】中的流氓律師索爾·古德曼(Saul Goodman)1/6 比例可動人偶已於 接受預購,定價1310HKD / 168USD(全球包郵)。
索爾·古德曼1/6 比例可動人偶身高約12英寸(30.5厘米),精緻像真的頭雕,度身定做的手工的西裝及豐富的專用配件將劇中刁滑奸詐的流氓律師活現你眼前!