Storm Collectibles 2018年7月發售: Action Figure《STREET FIGHTER V ARCADE EDITION》豪鬼

Storm Collectibles presents our next release STREET FIGHTER V ARCADE EDITION AKUMA Nostalgia Costume / Gouki (ノスタルジックコスチューム 豪鬼)

AKUMA (named as GOUKI in Japan), has a new transformation with longer hairstyle and his traditional dark blue Gi, in Street Fighter V, Akuma possesses quicker footwork and more devastating combos. The 神人 “shin” kanji is seen on his back of the Gi when performing the Shun Goku Satsu.

Newly developed articulations for lower body and new-design for the upper chest. He can shrug off the gi top of his classic costume and go shirtless.

The figure set includes:
3 x Interchanging Head Sculpts
8 x Interchanging Palm
1 x Gohadoken Effect
2 x V-Trigger Effect – Dohatsu Shoten
1 x Stand for Gohadoken
1 x The Prayer Beads
Additional 神人 “Shin” kanji Gi

Release Date: July 2018