SQUARE ENIX 2018年8月發售: DC Comics VARIANT Trading Arts 共10款 @2,000Yen

DC Comics VARIANT Trading Arts

Assorted according to maker’s rate from 10 types.

The “Justice League”, a team of superheroes from comics, is recreated as DC VARIANT Trading Arts!!

While having a compact size, they are sculpted with fine details and painted with care. If you connect their bases you can display them nicely together.

2 color patterns are available.
The Painted Ver. have colors with higher saturation and the different textures are reproduced with glossy and matte paint.
The Surfacer Ver. have thicker ink lines that make the sculpture stand out.

-Superman Painted Ver.
-Wonder Woman Painted Ver.
-Flash Painted Ver.
-Cyborg Painted Ver.
-Batman Painted Ver.
-Superman Surfacer Ver.
-Wonder Woman Surfacer Ver.
-Flash Surfacer Ver.
-Cyborg Surfacer Ver.
-Batman Surfacer Ver.

10 Packs/Box
Size: Approx. W73-150mm x D63-112mm x H92-150mm

DC Comics VARIANT トレーディングアーツ


コミックスのスーパーヒーローたちが一堂に会するヒーローチーム「ジャスティス・リーグ」を、DCヴァリアント トレーディングアーツとして再現!!



スーパーマン 彩色Ver.
ワンダーウーマン 彩色Ver.
フラッシュ 彩色Ver.
サイボーグ 彩色Ver.
バットマン 彩色Ver.
スーパーマン サフVer.
ワンダーウーマン サフVer.
フラッシュ サフVer.
サイボーグ サフVer.
バットマン サフVer.


© JUSTICE LEAGUE and all related characters and elements (C) & TM DC Comics. (s18)

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