AQUAMARINE 2018年3月23日起接受預約,2018年7月發售: 1/8 Pre-Painted Figure《NEW GAME!!》涼風青葉 泳裝style 12,000 YEN

涼風青葉 泳裝style


出自TV動畫『NEW GAME!!』,「涼風青葉 泳裝style」模型登場!藍白條紋外套加上一字涼鞋的混搭風格,可愛又性感。波浪造型比基尼與同色的西瓜髮飾,讓可愛的青葉看起來更有魅力。手持的水槍採用色彩繽紛的透明材質製作。圓潤可愛的臉頰以及健康的雙腿曲線美也千萬不能錯過。將這款可愛的青葉帶回家,享樂一夏吧!


Aoba Suzukaze: Swimsuit style

NEW GAME!!’s Aoba Suzukaze dressed up for the summer!

From the anime series “NEW GAME!!” comes a figure of Aoba Suzukaze dressed in her swimsuit together with a blue and white striped hoodie and wedge sole sandals for a cute yet reserved appearance. The swimsuit itself has a frilly design with watermelon colors that really brings out Aoba’s charm beautifully!

In her hand she holds a colorful water gun made with translucent parts to show she is ready for some summer fun! Her rounded cheeks and healthy curves have all been sculpted in careful detail for fans to enjoy the cute Aoba by their side whenever they like!

涼風青葉 水着style


TVアニメ『NEW GAME!!』より、「涼風青葉 水着style」が登場!青白ボーダーのパーカーを羽織り、ウェッジソールサンダルをあわせた甘辛コーデの青葉は、可愛くもどこか大人っぽい印象。フリルビキニとお揃い色のスイカの髪留めが、愛らしい青葉をより魅力的に彩ります。携えた水鉄砲はカラフルなクリアカラー。丸みを帯びた頬や健康的な脚線美のシルエットも見逃せません。一夏を堪能するとびっきりキュートな青葉、是非貴方のお手元に!