FREEing 2018年3月23日起接受預約,2018年12月發售: figma《桌上美術館》圓山應舉作 幽靈圖 6,000 YEN

SP-107 figma 圓山應舉作 幽靈圖





SP-107 figma Maruyama Okyo’s Yurei-zu

A moving version of the origin of Japanese horror, the Yurei-zu!

“The Table Museum” is a series of figma figures based on famous works of art that almost anyone will recognize! The ninth figure to join the series is the famous work by Maruyama Okyo created during the Edo period of Japan – the Yurei-zu!

The original work was is considered the first ever illustration to depict a ghost with no legs, and all the details of the original have been carefully converted into an action figure! Special interchangeable parts also allow you to switch the figure into the even more eerie version of the work! Enjoy the mysterious ghost illustration in figma size!

Due to the fact that the figure is based on a famous illustration, it comes complete with a frame and background to use as a display, allowing you to pose the figure as if popping out from the frame. Not many classic works have ever been made into figures, but this is one that allows for all sorts of fun, so be sure to add it to your collection!

・The smooth yet posable figma joints allow you to act out a variety of action poses.
・Transparent parts are used throughout the figure to capture the see-through, floating appearance.
・Two different head parts are included which each provide a completely different atmosphere.
・A large selection of hand parts are included.
・An articulated figma stand as well as a background panel with frame are included.

SP-107 figma 円山応挙作 幽霊図




仕様:ABS&PVC製塗装済み可動フィギュア・ノンスケール・専用台座付属・本体全高 : 約150mm