REVOLVE 2018年3月16日起接受預約,2018年11月發售: 1/8 Pre-Painted Figure《刀劍亂舞-花丸-》加州清光 內番ver. 11,750 YEN 連稅

加州清光 內番ver.




Kashu Kiyomitsu: Uchiban ver.

The sword used by the Shisengumi’s Okita Souji, Kashu Kiyomitsu!
From the anime series “Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-” come a scale figure of the sword used by the Shisengumi’s Okita Souji, Kashu Kiyomitsu dressed in his uchiban outfit! The design captures Kashu’s cool and composed strength while also bringing out the everyday life feeling from the Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- series!

His charming facial expression, silky black hair and flexible fingers have all been sculpted with careful detail creating a figure filled with highlights for fans to enjoy by their side. Be sure to add the charming Kashu to your collection!

加州清光 内番ver.



仕様:ABS&PVC 製塗装済み完成品・1/8スケール・専用台座付属・全高:約210mm