threezero 2014年5月26日公開預訂: 1/6 Action Figure 『Game of Thrones』Tyrion Lannister HKD990(US $130)

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Since our first Game of Thrones teaser at the end of 2013, we been asked on daily basis about sale details and today we can finally give you all the details about Tyrion Lannister (who is our first figure made under Game of Thrones license) and share the photos.

Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister goes up for pre-order on May 26th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time

Figure costs: 130USD/990HKD with worldwide shipping included in the price.

Figure details:
22cm (8.7″) tall and articulated body;
Realistic headsculpt;
Two pairs of exchangeable hands with rings;
Custom made clothes: belt, trousers, camisole, boots and other clothes elements shown on photos
Figure comes with the following accessories: goblet and book.

Game Of Thrones
TM & © 2014 Home Box Office, Lnc.

《冰與火之歌:權力遊戲》Game of Thrones

提利昂・蘭尼斯特 Tyrion Lannister—人稱“小惡魔”,凱岩城公爵泰溫・蘭尼斯特的次子、女王的弟弟。雖然他是一個矮小的侏儒,但是他卻比他所有的兄弟姐妹加在一起都要更聰明,因為他的武器就是智慧!

threezero正式受權《冰與火之歌:權力遊戲》Game of Thrones第一彈於5月26日早上9時正式於 預售,售價為HKD990(US $130)。我們為了“小惡魔”特別製作了專用的素體,配上華麗的雕花服飾將劇中玩世不恭的Tyrion Lannister 完全再現!

Tyrion Lannister可動人偶詳情內容:

售價:US $130 HKD990。

ゲーム・オブ・スローンズの1/6フィギュア第一弾、ティリオン・ラニスターがついに予約販売開始です! 香港時間5月26日9:00AM(日本時間10:00AM )から、www.threezerostore.comにて! 価格は送料込みの130USD。