FREEing 2018年2月27日起接受預約,2018年10月發售: 1/8 Pre-Painted Figure《初音未來GT計畫》RACING MIKU 2016 泰國Ver. 12,800 YEN 連稅

RACING MIKU 2016 泰國Ver.


初音未來GT計畫專用角色「 RACING MIKU」以2016年泰國應援Ver.登場!由人氣繪師米山舞為泰國戰全新繪製的插圖,以充滿動感的造形立體化。擁有健康小麥肌以及元氣十足的笑容,看著她就能獲得滿滿元氣!


Racing Miku: 2016 Thai Ver.

A figure of the Hatsune Miku GT Project’s Racing Miku in her 2016 Thai Ver.!

The official character of the Hatsune Miku GT Project, “Racing Miku” has been transformed into a 1/8th scale figure based on her 2016 Thai Ver. design! The illustration of this version was originally drawn by popular animator Mai Yoneyama in support of the race in Thai, but has now been transformed into a dynamic figure for fans to enjoy by their side!

Her golden brown skin and energetic appearance has been captured in careful detail as she runs along with a huge smile on her face, ready to cheer you up whenever you need!

レーシングミク2016 タイVer.

初音ミク GTプロジェクト 2016、タイ応援Ver.登場!

初音ミク GTプロジェクト専用キャラクター「レーシングミク」が、2016年タイ応援Ver.となって登場です!人気アニメーター米山舞氏がタイ戦のために描き起こしたイラストを、躍動感あふれる造形で立体化。弾けるような小麦色の肌と元気一杯な笑顔のミクさんに、元気づけられること間違いなしです。