FREEing 2018年2月21日起接受預約,2018年8月發售: 1/4 Pre-Painted Figure《NO GAME NO LIFE 遊戲人生》白 兔女郎Ver. 22,800 YEN 連稅

白 兔女郎Ver.


人氣作品『NO GAME NO LIFE 遊戲人生』中的「白」以兔女郎之姿立體化!柔軟的四肢以及有點無防備的模樣等等,各處皆充滿了她的個人魅力。1/4比例的巨大尺寸加上布製網襪。將她身穿兔女郎裝的魅力完整濃縮其中獻給各位玩家!


Shiro: Bunny Ver.

Shiro dressed up in a bunny girl outfit!

From the anime series “No Game No Life” comes a 1/4th scale figure of Shiro dressed in a white bunny girl outfit! She has been posed on all fours with her arms stretched outward in a rather defenseless pose that captures the lovely curves and details of her body in impressive 1/4th scale size. The net tights are made from real fabric for an authentic appearance. Be sure to add the charming figure of Shiro dressed as a bunny girl to your collection!

白 バニーVer.