Prime 1 Studio 2018年8月~10月發售: Non Scale Pre-painted Figure Ultimate Diorama Masterline《Gamera 3: The Revenge of Iris》GAMERA(1999) Vinyl Statue US$499 (Limited 500pcs)

Gamera 3: The Revenge of Iris

Vinyl Statue

Ultimate Diorama Masterline
Prime 1 Studio is proud to present UDMG3-01VS: Gamera Vinyl statue from Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris. Gamera is a giant, flying turtle-like kaiju originating from a series of Japanese tokusatsu films of the same name. Ayana Hirasaka, an emotionally troubled young girl who forms a psychic bond with a highly aggressive parasitic creature known as Iris that feeds upon her rage and hate for the giant fire-breathing turtle monster called Gamera, who had killed Hirsaka’s parents. Gamera later is defending Japan from a swarm of monsters called Gyaos when he is confronted by Iris. The film received positive reviews from film critics who praised its special effects with many praising it as one of the best in the Gamera film series.


Size approximately 21.7 inches tall [(H)55cm, (W)38cm, (D)58cm]
Made of Vinyl Material


Prototype samples shown.
Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.

Formats Ultimate Diorama Masterline
Series Gamera 3: The Revenge of Iris
Scale Non Scale
Product Code UDMG3-01VS
Product Size H:55cm W:38cm D:58cm
Material Vinyl
EAN 4562471905759

ⒸKADOKAWA 徳間書店 日本テレビ 博報堂DY メディアパートナーズ 日販/1999 ⒸKADOKAWA CORPORATION TNHN/1999