Phat! 2017年12月19日起接受預約,2018年10月發售: Parfom Action Figure《艦隊Collection》白露改 6,000 YEN

Parfom 白露改




Parfom Shiratsuyu

“Obviously I’d be selected as #1! Right?”

Phat! Company have teamed up with the garage kit dealer ‘RyunRyunTei’ Toona Kanshi to codevelop a new generation of action figures known as the Parfom series! The next character to join the Parfom series is the first Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer, Shiratsuyu from the popular game ‘Kantai Collection -KanColle-‘! Both her single and double-barreled hand-held cannons are included for her to hold, and they can also be stored on the strap around her body.

She comes with a standard right-facing energetic face plate, as well as a front-facing grinning face and a left-facing half-damaged expression for all sorts of different poses! A variety of hand parts are also included. Be sure to display her with the previously released sister ships, Yudachi Kai-II, Shigure Kai-II and Murasame Kai!

パルフォム 白露改


ファット・カンパニーとガレージキットディーラー「りゅんりゅん亭」遠那かんし氏が共同開発した、次世代アクションフィギュア“パルフォム”に人気ブラウザゲーム『艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-』より白露型駆逐艦の1番艦「白露改」が登場です!手持ちの単装砲と連装砲は体に襷掛けで保持可能。表情は右目線の元気な表情の他、正面向き「ニヤリ顔」、左向き「中破顔」を用意、1番艦を表すポーズの手首左右が付属。発売中の姉妹艦「時雨改二」「夕立改二」「村雨改」と揃えて編成してください!

原型制作: 遠那かんし(りゅんりゅん亭)
彩色: 佐倉

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