GOODSMILE 2017年12月19日起接受預約,2018年6月發售: Nendoroid《STAR WARS:最後的絕地武士》BB-8 5,000 YEN 連稅

「黏土人 BB-8」磁鐵設計介紹♪


858 黏土人 BB-8


出自熱門電影『STAR WARS:最後的絕地武士』,「BB-8」變身成黏土人了!內藏磁鐵設計、可自由轉動的頭部與原作中的BB-8同樣,稍微調整角度就能感受到它開心或是情緒低落等情感變化。內附彎曲造型的頭部天線零件,能重現出正急速奔跑的可愛模樣。此外,配件不只附『STAR WARS:原力覺醒』中擄獲眾多戲迷之心的豎起大拇指的機械臂零件,更附新作『STAR WARS:最後的絕地武士』中新登場的機械臂。賈庫沙漠造型台座上,BB-8走過的痕跡零件可拆下,能依照喜好搭配賞玩。把超可愛的黏土人BB-8帶回家吧!


858 Nendoroid BB-8

The first droid to join the Nendoroid series is BB-8!

From the popular movie “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” comes a Nendoroid of BB-8! The head part is attached with a magnet which can easily be moved around into various positions just like in the movie, allowing you to display BB-8 showing all sorts of emotions from excitement to disappointment!

The antennae parts on his head are included in both a standard version and a bent version to display him as if rolling forward at full speed! Interchangeable parts to display him showing the thumbs-up pose from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as well as the new arm parts from Star Wars: The Last Jedi are both included allowing for a variety of different display options.

A special base made in the image of the sand dunes of Jakku is included together with an attachment part for him to leave tracks behind him! Enjoy all sorts of adorable scenes with Nendoroid BB-8 in your collection!

858 ねんどろいど BB-8



仕様: ABS&PVC 塗装済み可動フィギュア・ノンスケール・専用台座付属・全高:約100mm
原型制作: 柳生圭太(ランペイジ)

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