GOODSMILE 2018年8月27日發售: 模型 MODEROID SERIES 六神合體 7,500Yen連稅


出自Good Smile Company旗下推出的模型套件新系列「MODEROID」,合體機器人的王道「六神合體」登場!合體狀態高約190mm。替換零件就能重現各機器人合體的模樣(※海亞無法收納)。共9種成型色,再加上部分上色零件,只要組裝起來就能重現劇中樣貌。材質採用PS、ABS的硬質塑膠製作,可對應高等玩家的加工與追加塗裝作業。不管是一般玩家或高等玩家都能滿足的一款組裝模型!

商品名稱MODEROID 六神合體
製造商Good Smile Company
建議售價6,944日圓 +稅

MODEROID Six God Combination Godmars

The Six God Combination mecha, Godmars as a plastic model!
The second addition to Good Smile Company’s MODEROID series is Godmars from the classic combination mecha anime “Six God Combination Godmars”! The model stands 190mm in height when all the parts are placed together. The kit contains interchangeable parts which allow you to build each of the robots before they combine into Godmars (Gaia cannot be placed inside the finished model).

The runners are separated by nine different color and also feature some pre-painted parts allowing the model to look amazing simply by being put together! It is made from PS and hard ABS plastic, features a very detailed design and can also easily be painted with additional paintwork for an even more amazing look. A model kit that is ideal for both figure and plastic model fans to enjoy!

MODEROID 六神合体ゴッドマーズ

宇宙を駆ける王者! ゴッドマーズがプラスチックモデルで六神合体!!

仕様: PS&ABS製 組み立て式プラスチックモデル・ノンスケール・全高:約190mm
原型制作: 製品設計:U-TOM 構想設計:我流舞創戦






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