threezero 2017年12月8日接受訂購: 1/12 裝甲騎兵 Scopedog Melquiya色 Deluxe Version US$460

From the TV animation series “Armored Trooper Votoms”, threezero’s 1/12th scale Scopedog returns in Melquiya Force’s coloring! It will come with the Parachute Sack backpack. The Deluxe Version will also come with a Fabric Parachute in opened form in addition. Deluxe Version will be available both at threezero online store and retailers. Pre-orders will start from December 8th 9AM HKT. The price of the Standard Version is USD 460, and the Deluxe Version is USD 490 (shipping is included for the ones sold at threezero online store). Armored Trooper Votoms Scopedog & Parachute Sack Scopedog Specifications: – Newly variant color of Scopedog. – Fully-articulated 1/12th scale figure that stands ~33cm tall. – All finger joints are articulated. – Can be transformed into crouching mode. – Includes the Arm Punch gimmick feature. – Pelvis joints can be adjusted vertically in 3-steps to adjust the leg lengths. – Articulated Turn Picks and Roller Dash wheels on each foot. Parachute Sack Backpack Specifications: – Can be attached to Scopedog’s back (corresponds to the earlier released Scopedog from threezero as well). – Can be transformed into a form which corresponds to Scopedog’s crouching mode. – Openable cover on top part of the backpack. Contains a cloth parachute piece in folded form (detachable). – 3 pcs of Heavy Machinegun magazines can be attached underneath the backpack. – Openable lower compartment of backpack contains several bits of detachable utility gears inside. * Large utility case x 1 * Small utility case x 1 * Utility cylinder x( 2 * Communication & locating device box x 1 – Detachable maintenance hatch on both side of the backpack. – Real fabric rolled up utility blanket hanging on middle of the backpack. Weapons Specifications: – GAT-22 Heavy Machinegun with detachable fabric belt including barrel and stock that can be exchanged/detached to take the “short barrel” form. – Heavy Machinegun magazine x 6. (Attachable: 1pc for Heavy Machinegun, total of 2pcs for side hip armors, total of 3pcs for underneath the backpack) – Side hip armor case x 2 – Arm Punch magazine x 8. (detachable) – Arm Punch magazine holder (holds 3 Arm Punch magazines) x 2. (detachable) 1/12 Pilot Figure Specifications: – Fully-articulated pilot figure stands ~15cm tall. – Pilot can be positioned inside Scopedog’s cockpit. – Comes with Bahauser M571 Armor Magnum. – 7 interchangeable hands (1 pair of fists, 1 pair of relaxed hands, and 1 pair of hands for holding control stick, one right hand for holding gun). Exclusive Bonus parts for the Deluxe version: Fabric parachute (diameter: ~ 650mm), can be attached to the top part of the backpack. * Final product may vary from prototype images.

========= threezero即將推出軍事科幻代表作《裝甲騎兵》1:12比例眼鏡鬥犬(美基利亞軍色)連降落傘裝備套裝,豪華版本更附送同比例像真布製降落傘!12月8日上午9時正於 開始接受預購,標準版本定價 3580HKD/ 460USD;豪華版本定價 3815HKD/490USD(全球包郵)。 《裝甲騎兵》1:12比例眼鏡鬥犬(美基利亞軍色)連降落傘裝備套裝 眼鏡鬥犬(美基利亞軍色)詳細內容: – 全新的美基利亞軍配色塗裝; – 1:12比例可動機體,全高約33厘米(13英寸); – 全身可動關節(包括可動手指); – 可轉換成乘降姿勢; – 鐵拳發射機關; – 腹股溝關節能以3個步驟調整大腿長度; – 腳部可動貫釘裝置及腳底可動轉輪。 降落傘裝備詳細內容: – 可與眼鏡鬥犬背部連結(對應之前threezero發售的1:12比例眼鏡鬥犬); – 可轉換成乘降姿勢式; – 背包頂部蓋子可開合,內置折疊形式布製降落傘配件(可隨意裝卸); – 背包下方可以裝備3個機槍彈匣; – 背包下部隔間可開合,內置幾個可拆卸的軍用裝備; *大工具箱x 1; *小工具箱x 1; *公用汽缸x 2; *定位通訊裝置x 1; – 背包兩側維修裝置外殼可隨意裝卸; – 背包中間配備了捲起的軍用毛毯。 武器詳細內容: *GAT-22重機關槍(可換裝成GAT-11重機關槍短槍管型); *機槍彈匣×6(可裝卸:重機關槍1個,腰部裝甲2個,背包下方3個); *鐵拳發射彈匣×8(可裝卸); *鐵拳發射彈匣套(可收藏3個鐵拳發射彈匣)×2(可裝卸); 1/12比例可動駕駛員詳細內容: *全身可動關節素體~全高約15厘米(5.9英寸); *駕駛員可收藏於駕駛艙內部; *Bahauser M571 Armor Magnum; *7個可互換的手型(一對拳頭,一對放鬆手型,一對持控制桿手型,一個持槍支手型)。 豪華版本附加裝備: – 像真的布製降落傘(直徑:約650毫米),可以連接到背包頂部。 *開發中圖片只供參考,一切以最終實物為準。

========= TVアニメ『装甲騎兵ボトムズ』より、1/12スケールのスコープドッグにメルキア軍カラーが登場! パラシュート・ザックも付属します。さらにデラックス版には、印象的なパラシュート降下のシーンを再現できる「布製の開いた状態のパラシュート」付属! デラックス版はthreezero公式サイトのみならず、一般流通でもご提供します。日本時間12月8日午前10時より予約販売開始で、価格は通常版がUSD460、デラックス版がUSD490です(threezero公式サイト販売分は、いずれも全世界対応の送料込み)。 詳細仕様はこちらをご参照下さい: ※画像は開発中の物です。最終商品とは異なる場合があります。