【精雕細琢仿鱗片裝甲戰服展現完美體態.配置專屬「五」叉戟和 Atlantean Mother Box 作配件】

現踏入《正義聯盟》電影上映倒數最後一個月的重要時刻,Hot Toys 現展開一連串的英雄人偶集結企劃,於今天發佈來自兩個不同世界,既是人類、也是神族的水行俠 1:6 比例珍藏人偶現供顧客訂購,而《正義聯盟》的其他超級英雄人偶亦會陸續公佈,敬請留意!

在《正義聯盟》電影中,水行俠一角由高大健碩的美國型男演員 Jason Momoa 所飾演,因此,Hot Toys 如實按照角色的身形比例,特別塑造了一個高約 33cm丶具有逾 30 個活動關節的高可動專用素體,配合上全套水行俠的貼身盔甲戰衣,而胸腹之間位置特設可動關節。此外,全套金色拼青銅色金屬塗裝盔甲戰服是完全參照電影戲服製作,細膩地飾有如鱗片般的圖案細節,手臂位置可隱藏活動關節;而下半身裝亦上仿金屬質感的大臂護甲與長靴。

水行俠人偶頭雕由 Hot Toys 韓國團隊傾力打造,以高超工藝細緻刻劃出演員 Jason Momoa 所飾演水行俠一角的面部輪廓,配上一頭狂野的啡色長髮與濃密的鬍子!最後,根據角色造型設定配備了一把「五」叉戟、一個 Atlantean Mother Box、多對可替換手掌,以及一個專為 Justice League 人偶系列而特別設計的人偶地台。

Quickly gaining a buzz with the release of the latest trailer, DC Comics’ forthcoming blockbuster Justice League is hitting the screen in about a month. Aquaman the heir of the Throne of Atlantis, has made a brief appearance in Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice, who has the incredible superpower to commands all sea life. Now, making an official debut in Justice League, Aquaman is recruited by Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince as one of the key members of the unprecedented league to save the planet and fight against the new villain.

Revealing one of the most mysterious characters in the DC Extended Universe, Hot Toys is thrilled to introduce the 1/6th scale Aquaman collectible figure as a new addition to the Justice League lineup!

With careful craftsmanship, the 1/6th scale Aquaman is specially crafted based on the appearance of Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Justice League with striking likenesses. Featuring a brand new head sculpt with detailed long hair sculpture, a sophistically tailored gold and black colored full body armor, a Trident, a Atlantean Mother Box ,and a specially designed Justice League themed figure stand.

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