KADOKAWA 2017年9月22日起接受預約,2018年2月發售: 1/7 PVC Figure《歡迎來到實力至上主義的教室》堀北鈴音 更衣Ver. 14,580 Yen 連稅

堀北鈴音 更衣Ver.




Suzune Horikita: Clothes Changing ver.

“You’re a funny one. You won’t find anything interesting in talking to me.”

From “CLASSROOM OF THE ELITE” comes a 1/7th scale figure of the D-class’s Suzune Horikita posed in the middle of getting dressed. The figure is based on an illustration by original character designer Tomose Shunsaku, which was originally used for a bonus included with the original light novels.
She is posed with a surprised look on her face with a slight blush in her cheeks as she is caught in a rather sexy appearance with her shirt and blouse wide open in the middle of getting dressed. Her beautiful long black hair and her sexy underwear make use of a large number of intricate parts and her body line has been carefully sculpted to ensure that her stunning curves are captured exactly as they looked on the original illustration. Enjoy a more defenseless look to the usual Suzune by adding this figure to your collection!


堀北鈴音 お着替え中Ver.



仕様: PVC 製塗装済み完成品・1/7スケール・専用台座付属・全高:約210mm
原型制作: pokkur/株式会社エムアイシー

© 衣笠彰梧・KADOKAWA刊/ようこそ実力至上主義の教室へ製作委員会