Smart Doll online store 2017年9月1日起接受訂購,2017年10月16日發售: 60cm高 Action Figure Smart Doll《CODE GEASS 叛逆的魯魯修》魯魯修 (DELUXE EDITION) 77,000Yen

Smart Doll – Lelouch Lamperouge
ルルーシュ・ランペルージ スマートドール

Lelouch Lamperouge is the hero of the worldwide hit anime series Code Geass and now for the first time ever as a 60cm tall fashion doll.

Lelouch comes in 2 flavors – Default and Deluxe. The Default Edition comes with his “Geass Eye Expression” head – the left eye is the Geass eye while his right eye is his normal eye.

In addition to the “Geass Eye Expression” head – the Deluxe Edition comes with Lelouch’s “Smile Expression” head where he has a cute smile (or so I have been told) where both of his eyes are normal (non Geass).

Both Default and Deluxe comes with 1 body (new slim type), 2 wigs (one for styling and one for running your fingers through), one telescopic stand, Ashford Academy boys uniform (jacket & trousers), 1 pair of shoes and a pair of leggings with neck sleeve as a color staining prevention measure.
Just to clarify again – the Deluxe Edition only comes with 1 body. The Default Edition *does not* come with the Smile Expression head.


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