KIDS LOGIC 現已接受訂購,2018年第3季派貨:限量800隻 1:4《ROBOTECH》Armor Cyclone VR052F Scott Bernard statue HK$5,980

ST02 1:4 Robotech Armor Cyclone VR052F Scott Bernard statue

Kids Logic is proud to present the work of art – Mospeada 1: 4 Armor Cyclone statue.
MOSPEADA is an anime science fiction TV series in 80’s, the story starts in the background of 21st century, Earth’s pollution problems result in the development of a new hydrogen fuel , a mysterious alien race – Inbit invades Earth and the earth becomes desolate with only a few pockets of human beings scattered throughout the planet, the cyclone armor is the main weapon for human to against Inbit.
Kids Logic design team spent nearly eight months studying the entire background of Mosepeda, the possible posture of the Cyclone in real life, the visual balancing and the sculpting, plus another 3 Months of trials of different texture and color effects. The Kids Logic’s Mospeada 1 : 4 Armor Cyclone is truly a piece of art.

Material: Polystone, PVCScale: 1:4th Scale
Height: 18 inches

5 LED Light up points.
Detailed sculpting and painting

Licensed By: Harmony Gold USA, Inc