GOODSMILE 2017年4月13日起接受預約,2017年9月26日發售: Nendoroid《KILL la KILL》滿艦飾真子 (再販)4,200 Yen連稅 (Remark: Goodsmile Online Shop訂購附限定特典)


黏土人 滿艦飾真子

出自超人氣TV動畫『KILL la KILL』,超天真爛漫少女「滿艦飾真子」的黏土人決定再次販售!為重現真子表情豐富的模樣,內附表情零件「普通臉」、「笑臉」、「認真臉」與「瞌睡臉」,打造出黏土人系列中空前絕後的誇張表現。另附配件「可彎曲手腕」,能擺出真子各種的神秘動作。此外,還有滿艦飾家不可或缺的寵物犬「阿貪」。與同時開放再販的「黏土人 纏流子」一同賞玩吧!


Nendoroid Mako Mankanshoku

“Ryuko-chaaan! Look! I also get to be a Nendoroid!”
From the popular anime series ‘KILL la KILL’ comes a rerelease of Ryuko’s close friend with a rather excitable personality, Nendoroid Mako Mankanshoku! Mako is well known for her creative expressions, and so she comes with four different expression parts including her standard face, a smiling face, a serious face and a sleepy face!
Her comical appearance and personality has been faithfully converted into Nendoroid form, and she even comes with special bendable arms allowing for all the weird and wonderful poses that she takes in the series! The Mankanshoku family’s pet dog ‘Guts’ is also included to display alongside her, and she’ll surely be very excited if you were to display her together with Nendoroid Ryuko-chan, who is also being rereleased at the same time!

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於「GOODSMILE線上商店」訂購「黏土人 滿艦飾真子」,將贈送「腫腫臉零件」特典!


ねんどろいど 満艦飾マコ



仕様: ABS&PVC塗装済み可動フィギュア・ノンスケール・専用台座付属・全高 : 約100mm

原型制作: JUN(E.V.)


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