HOBBYMAX 2017年5月22日發售: 1/8 PVC Figure《少女前線》Mauser Kar98K 12,000 Yen + 稅

少女前線 Mauser Kar98K

「我這把Mauser Kar98K,將為您拼盡全力。」

出自即將在日本推出的中國超人氣槍械擬人化手機遊戲『少女前線』,以優雅高貴的姿態以及熟練的技術支援玩家的「Mauser Kar98K」首次商品化!性感身材加上華麗服飾,忠實地呈現Mauser令人誇讚的姿態。此外,其象徵的武器─槍採用3D技術製作,就連細部造型也完美重現!為玩家一掃障礙的強力夥伴「Mauser Kar98K」,請務必與她一同並肩作戰!


“I am Mauser Kar98K. I will do whatever possible to assist you.”

From the popular Chinese smartphone game soon to be released in Japan, ‘GIRLS’ FRONTLINE’ comes a figure of the elegant and high-class ‘Mauser Kar98K’ who supports the player with her expertise!

Her sexy curves and gorgeous outfit have all been faithfully sculpted to ensure she keeps her proud appearance in the figure! The weapon she gets her name from is included in perfect detail through 3D sculpting technology! Be sure to head in to the frontlines with the reliable Mauser Kar98K by your side!




仕様: PVC製塗装済み完成品・1/8スケール・専用台座付属・全高 : 約245mm(台座含む)
原型制作: 瑪雅
彩色: 乳牛


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