ORI TOY 2017年9月發售: 3.75″ Action Figure《Acid Rain》Reborn Trooper (Omanga Military) US$28

3.75″ Action Figure《Acid Rain》Reborn Trooper (Omanga Military)

As the battles become more frequent, the number of injured soldiers increases. To replenish its military force, Omanga developed mechanical puppets on the one hand, and uses mechanical prostheses to help the injured soldiers return to the battlefields on the other. For those seriously injured soldiers where prostheses are of limited help, there is the development of a highly mechanicalised body. The soldiers who have undergone this are left with their essential internal organs, and the rest is replaced by a highly mechanical body. Though their physical ability is substantially enhanced by the replacement body, not every soldier can withstand the huge psychological impact of the physical change. Thus the military has set up a psychological analysis and treatment unit, which emerges to assist the military in psychological control studies.