threezero 2014年9月29日起接受預購: 1/6 Action Figure ROBOCOP EM-208 HK$1480/US$190

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RoboCop EM-208

We are excited to announce first pre-order from RoboCop line of collectibles and it’s going to be EM-208. We put all our experience to replicate EM-208 design in 1/6th scale and showcase all the details with lifelike weathering.

The EM-208 is a military enforcement robot created by OmniCorp, you can test his AI in sparing battles with RoboCop V1 and V3, which we will be rolling out for pre-order later this year.

RoboCop EM-208 will be available for pre-order , starting from September 29th 9:00AM Hong Kong time for 190USD/1480HKD with worldwide shipping included in the price.

1/6th scale RoboCop EM-208 details:
* figure stands approximately 12″ (around 30.5cm) tall
* fully articulated figure
* helmet features LED light-up visor
* highly detailed mechanical design based on the official movie
* realistic paint application highlighting the details
* articulated pistols manually extended from both arms.
* AG1 X 3 button cell batteries (batteries not included)


鐵甲威龍系列第一彈全AI智能機械人EM-208將於 9月29日早上9時正式預購,售價為HK$1480/US$190(包括郵遞費用)!喜歡鐵甲威龍系列的朋友敬請把握機會到www.threezerostore.com預購!

* AG1×3電池(不包括電池)

我們特別為收藏於雙臂的槍械機關拍攝了一段介紹短片,詳情可到我們我官方YouTube 專頁觀看。

リメイク映画版ロボコップのthreezero製フィギュア、ついにリリース開始します! 第一弾はオムニコープ社の戦闘ロボット「EM-208」の1/6スケール・フル可動フィギュア。日本時間9月29日午前10時からthreezero公式ストア にて、190USD(送料込み)で予約販売開始です。両前腕部からそれぞれピストルが展開可能(動画: )で、また目の発光ギミックも搭載。今年threezeroからリリース予定のロボコップのフィギュアと合わせて、劇中の模擬戦を是非再現してみて下さい!