HASBRO 2017年秋季發售: 6″ Action Figure BLACK Series《STAR WARS Episode IV – A New Hope》Luke Skywalker with X-34 Landspeeder Deluxe Set US$59.99

Hasbro’s Black Series has faithfully rendered characters from throughout the franchise’s storied history since The Force Awakens released in theatres. The manufacturer was then forced to hold back the variant of its Rey figurine which included a lightsaber in order to protect elements of the story. So any fans hoping to glean information about The Last Jedi from any other toys on display from Hasbro had best look elsewhere.

With this Luke Skywalker figure, however, Hasbro has been allowed some level of autonomy to create a unique bit of movie memorabilia. The hat and goggles that never made it into Star Wars: A New Hope are a small detail, but it’s one that many fans will instantly recognize as incongruous — for better or worse.

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