HEROCROSS 2017年第1季發售: Hybrid Metal Figuration Series HMF#310 Gotham City Boxset HK$998/US128

HMF#310 Gotham City Boxset

In this design of the HMF#046 Joker, there are 14 points of articulation, metal alloy construction body, 6 pcs of interchangeable hands, a bazooka, an automatic pistol and a knife. To bring the criminal to justice, Batman is equipped with Batarang, Grapnel Gun and Electric Gun, he can also be switched to the light up “sonar-vision” mode in the 2008 movie. The figure also comes with a highly detailed Light up Bat-Signal, designed to project the Bat emblem.

HMF#026 Batman:
– Light up Bat-Signal (Able to project the Bat emblem)
– Batarang, Grapnel Gun and Electric Gun
– 2 Interchangeable faces (One with eyes and one with light up Bat-Sonar lenses)
– 7 Interchangeable Hands

– Height: ~15cm
– Weight: ~175g for the figure with accessories / ~180g for the Bat-signal

HMF#046 Joker:
– 6 pcs of exchangeable hands,
– 1 bazooka
– 1 automatic pistol
– 1 knife

– Weight: ~240g
– Height: ~14cm