Phat! 2017年3月14日起接受預約,2017年11月27日發售: Action Figure Parfom Series《艦隊Collection》村雨改 6,480Yen連稅

Parfom 村雨改



Parfom Murasame Kai

“Okay, okaaay! Let me show you a little of what I can do!”
Phat! Company teamed up with the garage kit dealer ‘RyunRyunTei’ Toona Kanshi to codevelop a new generation of action figures known as the Parfom series! The next figure to join the series is the upgraded third Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer from Kantai Collection -KanColle-, Murasame Kai!
She comes with both a double barrel turret and a single barrel turret to hold in her hands which can also be held by the strap around her body. The anchor attached to a chain is also included as well as a “teruteru bouzu” doll for keeping the rain away are both included as well as a selection of hand parts. Be sure to display her with the previously released sister ships Parfom Shigure Kai-II and Parfom Yudachi Kai-II as well as the upcoming Parfom Shiratsuyu Kai!

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パルフォム 村雨改

ファット・カンパニーとガレージキットディーラー「りゅんりゅん亭」遠那かんし氏が共同開発した、次世代アクションフィギュア“パルフォム”に大人気ゲーム『艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-』より白露型駆逐艦の3番艦「村雨改」が登場です!手持ちの単装砲と連装砲は体に襷掛けで保持可能。鎖付きの錨やてるてる坊主など特徴的なアイテムに、3番艦を表すポーズの手首等をセット。発売中の姉妹艦「時雨改二」「夕立改二」に続き「白露改」も開発中です!

仕様: ABS&PVC塗装済み可動フィギュア・ノンスケール・専用台座付属・全高:約140mm
原型制作: 遠那かんし(りゅんりゅん亭)
彩色: 佐倉

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