1000toys於2017年2月24日起接受預訂,6月派貨: 1/12 Action Figure CaRB(Collared and Reprogrammed Body) US$65


Pre-Order Information for 1/12 CaRB(Collared and Reprogrammed Body)

<Order Info>
– Product Name : 1/12 CaRB(Collared and Reprogrammed Body)
– Price : $65 (USD, International Shipping Included)
– Pre-Order Start : From February 24th(Fri), 11:00am(JST)
– Period of Delivery : June, 2017(Tentative)
– Purchase Limit : Up to 4pcs per person
– Online Shop Address : 1000toys.jp

<Product Info>
– Height : Approx. 150mm(1/12 Scale, 6in)
– Package Dimensions : W 140mm/D 50mm/H 200mm
– Package Weight : 100g
– Material : ABS, ATBC-PVC, PA, POM

<Creator Info>
– Character Design : Tsutomu Nihei
– Engineering : Takao Kinoshita(ICREA)/Yuuki Nakamura(Sentinel)
– Finisher : Yoji Hayakawa(Sentinel)

<About “CaRB(Collared and Reprogrammed Body)”>
The “CaRB” is an unauthorized experimental body with erratic A.I. installed to the head of a captured Synthetic Human. An imperative cleanup order for the CarB has been issued by TOA Heavy Industries, and the 4 members of the Anti-CaRB Squad is out to hunt it down.

The “Collared and Reprogrammed Body(CaRB)”, which was previously released in 1/6 scale, is added to the 2nd lineup in the 1/12 scale TOA Heavy Industries series.
Using the 1/12 Synthetic Human as a base, the head, left arm, right hand, and right leg are added with new sculpt.