BEAST KINGDOM(野獸國) 2017年第2季發售: Egg Attack Action EAA-039《Star Wars: Rogue One》Death Trooper US$73

Egg Attack Action EAA-039 Rogue One:A Star Wars Story Death Trooper

The special Imperial Stormtrooper elite units use powerful weapons to protect everything on the Death Star. Their black and mysterious armor symbolizes the horror of the Death Star’s capability to destroy everything.

In addition to the high playability of the Egg Attack Action series, the details of the Death Trooper are designed based on the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Its delicate mechanical structure and the helmet’s unique green light effect are the true representations of the original. With detachable tactical vest and exclusive blaster pistol and rifle, the model is a complete representation of the mysterious and unique Imperial special force.

Without these fiercely loyal Galactic Empire soldiers in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, you cannot feel the heroism of the rebels. As a Star Wars fan, come and complete your own Star Wars Story!

 6-inch moveable figure
 Up to 26 moveable joints.
 Professional color techniques, to reproduce Death Trooper unique black paint armor luster
 Built-in LED lights in the mouth filter
 Real fabric cape and vest.
 One (1) Death Trooper blaster rifle with strap, One (1) blaster pistol
 Exclusive handle for the lightsaber
 Three (3) extra pairs of palms for free
 Exclusive stand
Retail Price:US$ 73
Release Date:2017, Q2


Egg Attack Action EAA-039 星際大戰外傳:俠盜一號 帝國死星突擊兵

以電影《星際大戰外傳:俠盜一號》設定打造帝國死星突擊兵全黑盔甲以及各處細節,除保有Egg Attack Action 系列的高可玩度外,其精細的機械結構以及頭盔特有的綠色發光效果皆真實還原,搭配可卸式戰術背心以及專屬爆能步槍、爆能手槍,完整呈現帝國特殊兵種神秘且獨特之處。
 6吋可動公仔
 多達26處關節可動
 專業上色技法,重現死星突擊兵的特有漆黑盔甲光澤
 嘴部濾氣裝置內藏LED燈
 可穿脫戰術背心
 專屬爆能步槍、爆能手槍
 附贈替換手掌三對
 附贈專屬支架