NECA 2017年3月發售: CINEMACHINES Die Cast Collectibles《Terminator 2: Judgment Day》Hunter Killer (Aerial)

CineMachines Die Cast Collectibles – Terminator 2: Hunter Killer (Aerial)
Available in March, 2017

Aerial Hunter Killer features an articulated cannon that turns and pivots. Also includes a display stand
Celebrate some of the most iconic vehicles from film and television with CINEMACHINES die-cast collectibles! Each exceptionally detailed piece measures 5-6″ long and is made from die-cast metal and plastic that’s carefully hand painted and ready to add to your collection.

From Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the Hunter Killer Aerial features an articulated cannon that turns and pivots up and down. Display stand included.

At 6.5″ in length, the Hunter Killer Tank from T2: Judgment Day is longer and also more massive than the average CINEMACHINE to reflect its deadly nature. It features working treads that roll over its wheels, and the wheels themselves pivot to raise or lower the tank for variable terrain. Also features a rotating “head.”