HEROCROSS 2017年1月發售: Hybrid Metal Figuration Series HMF#047《ALIENS》Alien Queen HK$798/US$102

Alien Queen “Aliens” Herocross Hybrid Metal Figuration HMF#047

The queen is the largest and most intelligent member of the hive. She is usually the mother of every warrior and drone in the hive, as she is the only one to lay eggs. The queen appears as the primary antagonist in Aliens franchise firms, and also in Alien vs Predator.

Our Alien vs Predator queen had her size increased to twenty feet. She also became more streamlined, with her chest thinner due to the removal of puppeteers, the heel protrusions removed, her joints altered for increased sprinting velocity, and her legs proportionally larger to create a sturdier appearance.

Herocross HMF#047 is incredibly detailed thanks to extensive development and a new design team! With multiple adjustable fins on the back, a retractable head, spring loaded mouth piece, replaceable large and small hands, and a flexible tail, classic scenes can be replicated with effortless ease.


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