threezero 發售日未定: 1/6 Action Figure 『ROBOCOP』Robocop V3


repare to meet proud creation of OmniCorp: RoboCop V3! On active duty in every town, protecting citizens from crime and making each street and dark alley safe. Criminals run away or turn themselves in, when they hear the sirens!

酷黑戰甲・浴火重生! threezero《鐵甲威龍》ROBOCOP V3戰甲火熱現身! 漆黑,令敵人恐懼!《鐵甲威龍》ROBOCOP V3火力裝備全力昇級!上色原模正式發佈。 更多鐵甲威龍》ROBOCOP 產品即將公佈,敬請密切留意!

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