Hong Kong Toys Online Store “ROBOTKINGDOM”

TAGHOBBY always receive the email and message from readers.  They want to find a reliable toys Online Store in Hong Kong which willing to ship the toys to overseas.


Today, we introduce Robotkingdom which is “online toy” store based on Hong Kong.  They are experienced Export and Import and “wholesale/distribution” company and started the business since 2000. At the beginning, they “were” mainly selling STAR WARS series. Now, Robotkingdom have been growing into one of world’s largest online store profession in Transformers Franchise and Marvel Related Products.  Recently they have featured over 40 brands, beyond 5000 products while it is still increasing to satisfy their customers.   “Wholesale is available from them too”



You can visit their shop at http://www.robotkingdom.com, “or email [email protected] for any wholesale inquiries”






大家可以瀏灠以下網址: www.robotkingdom.com或以電郵方式與他們聯絡(mailto: [email protected])