FREEing 2016年11月發售: 1/4 PVC Figure《IS(Infinite Stratos)》更識簪 Bunny Ver. 20,800Yen連稅

更識簪 兔女郎Ver.

IS(Infinite Stratos)兔女郎計畫進行中!第6彈是簪!
出自動畫『IS(Infinite Stratos)』,IS學園學生會長「更識楯無」的妹妹「更識簪」以1/4比例的兔女郎姿態登場。身穿嫻靜文雅的淡藍色兔女郎裝,展現出她害羞內向的性格。絲襪部分採用布料製作,在模型上表現出真實感。與已公開的女主角們擺在一起,盡情享受IS的世界觀吧。請期待全新的IS兔女郎系列。


Kanzashi Sarashiki: Bunny Ver.

The IS Bunny Girl Project! The sixth in the set is Kanzashi!
From the anime series ‘IS ‘ comes a 1/4th scale figure of the IS Academy’s Student Council President’s younger sister, Kanzashi Sarashiki dressed up in a bunny girl outfit! She is wearing a gentle, light blue bunny outfit that brings out her shy personality for fans to enjoy!
The net tights make use of real material for an authentic appearance and texture on the figure. The other heroines in the series are also planned to join the series at a later stage, allowing you to display them all together to bring out the Infinite Stratos universe in your collection! Be sure to add the new IS bunny girl series to your collection!

F161101 F161102 F161103 F161104 F161105

更識簪 バニーVer.


仕様: PVC製塗装済み完成品・1/4スケール・専用台座付属・全高 : 約405mm