HOT TOYS 1/6 Action Figure《Terminator Genisys》Endoskeleton

Hot Toys現隆重推出《未來戰士: 創世智能》Endoskeleton 1:6比例珍藏人偶,以滿足酷愛經典電影人偶家的需求!在濃濃的超級英雄的氣氛下,Hot Toys不忘回應一眾經典電影人偶支持者的訴求,將擁躉期待已久Endoskeleton 1:6比例珍藏人偶經典重現!

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Terminator Genisys 1/6th scale Endoskeleton Collectible Figure

“Reset the future.”

In Terminator Genisys , the judgment day has arrived and more than 3 billion human lives have been lost in the attacks by Skynet. Survivors were captured and put into camps for exterminations. In 2029, Human Resistance leader John Connor has led a final intense battle against Skynet and its menacing armies of Endoskeletons in order to eliminate the hellish artificial intelligence.

Today, Hot Toys is pleased to officially present the new 1/6th scale Endoskeleton Collectible Figure from Terminator Genisys .

The Endoskeleton collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of the terrifying robot from the film. It features the character’s complicated mechanical details throughout the body, specially applied multiple layers of metallic paint on skeleton with weathering effects, LED light-up eyes, a detailed Endorifle, and figure stand.