TOYS ALLIANCE 2023年3月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series Acid Rain FAV-A75 Swiftwing Speeder MKL2a

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain

FAV-A75 迅翼斯必達 MKL2a
比例:3.75吋 1/18

當梅森組建胡蜂先鋒快速反應部隊時,曾聽到過一些抱怨,那些從亞格斯買來的斯必達MK1與他們要達成的目的相比,速度還不夠快。他們需要更快更靈活的載具,來應對突發的小規模衝突。於是梅森向亞格斯的鍩戎公司下了定製訂單,收到了這款號稱戈雷區最快、機動性最強的迅翼斯必達 MKL2a。胡蜂先鋒充分利用其特性在戰鬥中所獲得的成功,令鍩戎公司考慮更廣泛地生產迅翼斯必達。

– Swiftwing Speeder MKL2a / 迅翼斯必達 MKL2a / スイフトウイングスピーダー MKL2a x 1
– MG09b Machine Gun / MG09b機槍 / MG09b 機関銃 x 1
– Armored Arm Guard / 手臂護甲 / アーマードアームガード x 2
– D-55/P Helmet-mounted Display / D-55/P頭盔顯示器 / D-55/P ヘルメットマウントディスプレイ x 1
– M-3HD Helmet-mounted Display / M-3HD頭盔顯示器 / M-3HD ヘルメットマウントディスプレイ x 1
– S-AVs Helmet-mounted Display / S-AVs頭盔顯示器 / S-AVs ヘルメットマウントディスプレイ x 1

FAV-A75 Swiftwing Speeder MKL2a
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

When Mason put together his Vespid Vanguard crew as the AMM’s Rapid Reaction Force, he received complaints that the Speeder Mk1’s that they had purchased from Agurts were simply too slow for their purposes. They needed something faster and more flexible that could respond with unparalleled speed to small-scale conflicts. Mason listened, and responded, putting in a custom request at Laurel Co in Agurts. The result was the Swiftwing Speeder MkL2a, which boasts being the fastest and more maneuverable response vehicle in the Gray Zones. Its consequent combat success at the hands of the Vespids has led Laurel to consider making the Swiftwing more widely available.