TOYS ALLIANCE 2019年7月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series ACID RAIN WORLD 沙地戰術工兵(Sand Tactical Engineer) HK$199

“1:18 沙地戰術工兵”

—— 產品明細 ——
《酸雨戰爭》—— 1:18 “ 沙地戰術工兵” 可動模型玩具
產品內容:沙地戰術工兵 x 1,「鐵拳」戰壕刀 x 1, AP2手槍 x 2, AAR7突擊步槍 x 1

發售價格:USD 25.99 | HKD 199
發售方式:通販產品 —— 購買詳細請向各大玩具店查詢。

—— 沙地戰術工兵簡介 ——
蟻車的成功緩解了部分第88沙地部隊的後勤保障問題,同時也促使了亞格斯軍方進行後勤改革,組建完善且獨立的機械化戰術後勤部隊,設立全新兵種——戰術工兵(TE= Tactical Engineer)。戰術工兵相當於工兵中的特種兵,不但能夠掃除障礙、鋪路架橋、修築防禦工事,為了保障設施安全,更是配備大火力武器和經過嚴苛的野外戰鬥訓練。因此戰術工兵不需要步兵部隊保護,反而更多與先遣隊配合行動,若途遇敵軍則立即成為戰鬥前哨或設法摧毀敵軍防禦工事。

Sand Tactical Engineer

The Antbike’s success in improving logistic needs for the 88th Sand Team prompted the Agurts military to form mechanized tactical logistics teams with a brand new unit – the TE, or Tactical Engineer. Equipped with powerful weapons and seasoned by gruelling combat training, TEs are the special ops of the engineering world. Not only can they clear obstacles, pave bridges and fortify buildings, TEs can also pulverize enemies with deadly vengeance. TEs work on the forefront of battle zones without protection from infantry units. Upon encountering enemy forces, they will immediately become the front lines of resistance.

– Sand Tactical Engineer x 1
– “Iron Fist” Trench Knife x 1
– AP2 Pistol x 2
– AAR7 Assault Rifle x 1

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