GOODSMILE 2018年9月26日發售: 模型 MODEROID Series 帝王萬能俠-刃皇 4,900YEN連稅





MODEROID Mazinkaiser Haou

The incarnation of battle! A brand new Mazinkaiser – Mazinkaiser Haou!

The Mazinkaiser world continues to expand though Good Smile Company’s new MODEROID plastic model kit series! This is Mazinkaiser Haou – a Mazin mecha with a large Zanbato sword, that can stand as an equal with the original Mazinkaiser. Both the large sword on the back and the two swords at the hips can be unsheathed and equipped allowing for various different combat poses. The iconic shoulder and waist armor are both independently articulated for easy positioning.

The product is a partially pre-painted model kit. The runners are separated by color as well as pre-painted parts allowing the model to look amazing simply by being put together! It is made from PS and hard ABS plastic, features a very detailed design and can also easily be painted with additional paintwork for an even more amazing look. The model is also highly articulated when built, allowing for various dynamic poses! A model kit that is ideal for both figure and plastic model fans to enjoy!


MODEROID マジンカイザー刃皇

戦いの化身! 新たな魔神皇帝 その名は「マジンカイザー刃皇」!


仕様:PS&ABS製 組み立て式プラスチックモデル・ノンスケール・全高:約145mm
原型制作:オリジナルモデル制作:坂本洋一(ケミカルアタック) 設計:T-REX

「MODEROID<モデロイド> マジンカイザー」新たな商品展開


好評いただいている「MODEROID マジンカイザー」!




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